Smooth & Pure Micellar cleansing Water (500ML)  (Hong Kong Official Product)

Smooth & Pure Micellar cleansing Water (500ML) (Hong Kong Official Product)

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About the Product

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Pushes away remains, pulls moisture in.,Push-pull water,Ariul stress relieving micellar cleansing water,Micellar low-acid cleansing water,Stress relieving micellar cleansing water,#Push-pull water #magnetc cleansing 500ml,Remains – moisture + Micellar plus soluton,Low acid care for Skin Balance,Only 9 ingredients To lower the burden on skin,Super simple cleansing Water wash-of is no needed,Removes not only remain But also fne-dust,The healthier and moister,the skin gets,,as cleansing daily!,Remove remains and fne-dust, product,skin moisture with micellar plus soluton,- Point 01 -,Push-pull water which pushes away remains and pulls moisture in.,Erase make-up, remains and fne-dust completely,And leave mild moisture on the skin,“Through Ariul’s micellar plus soluton..  “Through Ariul’s Micellar Cleansing Water. ??,Micellar plus soluton,PLUS on your skin health afer wash-of through micellar plus soluton!,Lipophilic property closes to oil,Hydrophilic property closes to water,Circular type micelle partcle with,Both hydrophilic and Lipophilic propertes,Remains,Make-up,Skin layer,Remains inside the pore,Skin with make-up and remains stacked,Moisture flm,Lipophilic property partcles absorb the remains and Hydrophilic partcles provide moisture to the skin.,Form moisture flm,Micellar Cleansing Water removes the remains and recharges moisture to the skin,The lipophilic property partcles absorb and clean the remains including make-up and helping with featly,cleansing instantly. The hydrophilic property partcles protect the skin’s moisture lipid flm providing,moisture, and adds healthiness to the skin with moisty moisturizing afer a wash-of.,Cleans fne-dust featly instantly,Moisty without pulling afer cleansing,Provide moisty moisture with micellar plus soluton!,Moisture test,“Skin moisture UP!.  “Moisturizing level UP!.,Increase of skin moisture afer cleansing with Arial stress relieving micellar cleansing water!,Moisturizing level increased on skin afer cleansing with Ariul Stress Relieving Micellar Cleansing Water!,- POINT 02 -,“Low acid care which protects that the skin balance..  “,With the prescripton of low acid caring for healthy skin with pH, maintains the healthy skin balance and,minimized the skin stmulaton.,- POINT 03 -,“Comfortable cleansing without burden through only 9 ingredients.  “Simple, Mild and Efectve,Cleansing formulaton through only 9 ingredients.,“Core ingredients excluding unnecessary concept ingredients in order to cleanse comfortably as,lowering the burden on the skin for the damaged skin by outer environment without notcing..  “Core,ingredients exclude unnecessary substances in order to cleanse your skin comfortably without any,damage to the skin and to the environment.,Super simple one-step cleansing that doesn’t need water wash-of,“How to use. 使用方法,“Wet proper amount on cosmetc coton and wipe entre face sofly. In case of point make-up, keep the,wet cosmetc coton on while then wipe it by gently pressing it.. ,“* No extra water wash-of is needed, but depending on the personal preference of the cleansing you,may wash it of with lukewarm water.. ,“Applicaton Tip. 使用小貼士,“Use it in various ways without burden with large volume of 500ml. ??,“Simple morning wash up.,“Foam cleansing wash-of is too much, but water wash-of is not enough in the morning, wet the,cosmetc coton with cleansing water and wipe the face, then it remove remains secreted overnight +,smooth out skin texture + recharge moisture..  “When you feel Foam Cleaning is too much, and yet,cleansing with only water is not enough in the morning……,Spot moisture pack,When make-up does not go one well because of dried dead skin before make-up…,“Brush cleansing.,When a make-up brush needs cleansing,

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